Officials Discuss Conjola Dredging

Shoalhaven City Council Public Works Manager, Ben Stewart, held a meeting recently with the contractors engaged to carry out the Lake Conjola dredging project.

As a result of this meeting, the Conjola Community Association Committee has been advised a time frame for the “Commencement of Works” being the end of February 2016, with dredging due to start in the first week in March 2016.

The recent floods saw 100,000 cubic meters of sand in total, removed from both the northern and southern areas on the ocean side of the current opening.

Ben Stewart has confirmed that the original specified 12,000 cubic meters of sand will still be removed as per the original specifications of the dredging project.

A larger dredging pipe of 150mm will replace the original specified pipe of 100mm increasing the speed at which the sand is removed.

As a result, the actual dredging period will be reduced from 55 days to 30 days.

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