Skipanon Dredging Plan Unveiled

The USACE, Portland District, is inviting public comments on a proposal submitted by the Port Warren Moorage Association to dredge up to 1,000 cubic yards of accumulated sand and silt from the Skipanon River at the Port Warren Condominiums Moorage.

The dredge area measures approximately 0.8 acres with a depth ranging from 0.5 to 2 feet, depending on the amount of accumulation.

Dredging will be conducted by using a clam-shell bucket operating from a spud-anchor barge and the floating silt curtains will be utilized where feasible to minimize turbidity.

The Portland Sediment Evaluation Team (PSET) determined that the dredge material and leave surfaces are suitable for in-water disposal. The dredged material will be placed downstream in the Columbia River at Tansy Point below the MHW in the flow lane.

Comments should be submitted no later than December 21.

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