The Crown Estate Releases Marine Aggregates 2015 Report

The Crown Estate has just released a report named “Marine Aggregates Capability & Portfolio 2015“. 

The 2015 report outlines the significant demand and range of uses for marine aggregates in the UK.

Britain has one of the world’s most developed marine aggregates industries, extracting 15 to 20 million tonnes from the seabed annually. Much of this is used for building houses, transport infrastructure, replenishing beaches and improving coastal defenses.

The Crown Estate’s annual ‘Capability & Portfolio’ report highlights the scale of use and demand across the country.

Key statistics revealed in the report this year include:

  • 50% of all ready mix concrete in London marine aggregate;
  • 3 million tonnes of marine aggregate was exported to Europe in 2014 (20% of all marine aggregate landed);
  • 83% of marine aggregates landed in England and Wales are used by the building industry.

The report breaks down aggregate production at-a-glance across the seven UK dredging regions that marine aggregate is sourced from, mapping out where dredging licences are held and key facts for each region such as where material extraction is delivered to and how many tonnes can be extracted.