First Woman Master in UK Dredging Industry Joins CEMEX

The first woman Master in the UK Marine Aggregate Dredging Sector, Georgina Carlo-Paat, has recently completed her first tour of duty aboard CEMEX UK Marine aggregate dredger, the Sand Heron.

Georgina is in command of one of four CEMEX dredgers that operate in waters around the UK, which provide approximately 18% of CEMEX aggregates, used in concrete and construction projects throughout the country.

“It is thrilling to be the first woman Master in the UK Marine Aggregate Dredging Sector. I have had some amazing role models as I was coming up through the ranks. The ‘glass ceiling’ has been broken and I would encourage more people, particularly women to consider this profession,” she said.

John Miller, Director of CEMEX Marine Aggregates, said: “Being Master of a dredger like the Sand Heron is a very responsible position. The vessel typically operates off the south coast in a busy shipping area with both commercial and leisure vessels. Georgina is not only responsible for the overall safe operation of the vessel and the wellbeing of her 12 crew members but also for ensuring that CEMEX wharfs are supplied the right material to service our customers.” 

Georgina joined CEMEX in April 2015 and has been appointed to this role after successfully completing a comprehensive training and induction to the world of aggregate dredging.

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