Dredger Fernao de Magalhaes Arrives in Saint-Nazaire

The Jan De Nul’s cutter suction dredger Fernao de Magalhaes arrived in Saint-Nazaire on 10th December for a series of repairs.

These operations, including sheet metal work, geo-mechanical inspections and the renovation of the hull, will be carried out by Eiffel Industrie Marine (EIM) in the Louis Joubert dock.

The Louis Joubert Lock, also known as the Normandie Dock, is a lock and major dry dock located in the port of Saint-Nazaire, in Loire-Atlantique northwestern France.

Before entering the dock, the dredger was relieved of her three 47-meter piles weighing 200 tonnes each, which are required to maintain the dredger’s stability during the dredging operations.

Unloaded using the jumbo derrick, the piles were then transferred to shed B, which has been transformed into a sheet metal shop for the duration of this technical stop.

It was therefore necessary to adapt the building (removing the steps, modifying the framework, etc.) to accommodate these very large elements and to allow the EIM technicians to work on the pile screwing system.

Following this rejuvenation, the dredger Fernao de Magalhaes should leave Saint-Nazaire on 15th January 2016.

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