Rosmorport Announces Completion of Bronka’s First Phase

FSUE Rosmorport has signed the acceptance certificate for the Phase 1 of the MSCC Bronka’s approach canal.

State contract for construction of Bronka’s first phase was signed with FSUE Rosmorport in 2013. From that moment the scope of dredging operations at the port’s water area and the approach canal exceeded 20 mln cbm.

The facilities have been delivered almost a year ahead of schedule – under the state contract, the construction works should be completed in October 2016,” FSUE Rosmorport said in a release.

FSUE Rosmorport also performs works on construction of Bronka’s Phase 2. They are to be completed in 2017. Paper work, diver inspection of the bottom and environmental monitoring has been performed.

Dredging has commenced with 7 mln cbm out of planned 10,300 mln cbm dredged so far.

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