Duck Key Canal Restoration Project on the Table

The Monroe County Commissioners will meet on Wednesday, January 20th, at 9AM at the Marathon Government Center to discuss a proposal from Duck Key residents to relax some county rules on canal maintenance dredging.

The commissioners will review a document called Duck Key Canal Restoration which identifies eight areas that have silted up to less than 5ft of depth at low tide.

According to the residents, no appreciable maintenance has been performed since construction of the canals 60+ years ago.

The residents, represented by Ms. Popham, have asked the commissioners to consider modifying the current county prohibitions (i.e. allow maintenance dredging where there are seagrasses and hardbottom communities) that prevent the restoration of the canals.

After reviewing various governmental agency requirements, Duck Key residents believe that the requirements of the state and federal agencies can be met but cannot move forward with the project because of the county’s prohibition on maintenance dredging.

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