Workshop on Mechanical Dredging in Chittagong

The UDDP Project of Dhaka WASA organized a workshop on ‘Mechanical Dredging to Reduce Urban Water Logging’ in the CCC Conference Hall Chittagong last month.

UDDP initiated this workshop to share experience and disseminate information about mechanical dredging in Dhaka with the workshop participants from Chittagong City Corporation and Chittagong WASA.

Mr. Taco de Vries, Resident Project Manager UDDP and Mr. Zaki Mostafa Chowdhury, DWASA engineer and UDDP consultant, explained the ongoing Dhaka activities through the videos and discussed the effects of mechanical dredging in Dhaka.

Like Dhaka, Chittagong is also facing drainage congestion problems and CCC is looking for methods to maintain and clean their drainage canals and box-culvert drains.

After fruitful discussions, Mr. A J M Nasiruddin, the Mayor of Chittagong City Cooperation (CCC), concluded that especially the method to dredge and clean the small and box culverts is of interest for Chittagong city.

He also requested his staff to consult DWASA and organize a visit to Dhaka to get demonstrations of the Dutch equipment, especially the remote control electric bulldozer, working in the box culverts of Dhaka city.

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