West Bay and Lyme Regis Dredging Schemes Set for March

Annual harbor dredging and beach works are set to take place in West Bay and Lyme Regis in March and April, according to the West Dorset District Council.

Works at West Bay are due to take place between 8 and 14 March when favourably low tides allow the best access.

The outer harbor and entrance to the harbor will be dredged with the materials taken to aid re-profiling of West Beach.

Works are set to be carried out during two shifts per day, one in the day and one overnight, to ensure the most efficient use of hired machinery.

Lyme Regis works will be carried out in two phases. The first phase will be carried out on 7 and 8 March. This work will include dredging of a section of the harbor.

The second phase will be carried out between 7 and 11 April when the tides are at one of their lowest points in the year.

This phase includes beach works and dredging to the harbor and Pokers Pool.

These works will be carried out simultaneously with material being used from the dredging to replenish material lost on the beach.

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