Future Dredging Technologies Discussed in Moscow

Future dredging technologies will be based on robotization and intellectualization, according to Mikhail Chemodanov, Technical Director of Nonius Engineering.

The Nonius Engineering, established in St. Petersburg in 2008, is focused on the development of automation and monitoring systems for industrial ships. The company’s main aim is to take hydrotechnical works to an absolutely new level by working on the automation, monitoring and positioning of vessels.

Mr Chemodanov said at the 3rd International Forum of Dredging Companies, which was organized last week in Moscow by the Media-Group PortNews, that dredging technologies of the future will be based on robotization and intellectualization.

According to him, the future will see robotization of dredgers and barges as well as production of small size measuring robots (there are examples of their application).

Besides, the expert said there is a trend towards integration of operational units into information systems.

Mikhail Chemodanov also commented that Russia can close the technological gap in this industry through cooperation of state authorities with dedicated private organisations.