Perry Barr and Witton Flood Risk Scheme Updated

The Environment Agency has just released new update on the Perry Barr and Witton flood risk management scheme.

The scheme is 1 of 6 separate projects that take forward the recommendations of the River Tame flood risk management strategy.

In order to reduce the delay to the Perry Barr and Witton scheme construction, the Environment Agency is building the scheme in two phases:


  • phase 1: flood wall and flow conveyance improvements through Witton and down to Witton Gravelly Industrial Estate;
  • phase 2: increased flood storage at Forge Mill.

Phase 1 consists of rebuilding the existing flood walls along Brookvale Road, constructing new walls alongside Atlas Industrial Estate and at the back of the warehouses along Tame Road. Construction work on phase 1 of the scheme should be complete by July 2016.

Detailed design of the phase 2 has begun and will determine how the scheme will be constructed and operated as well as how much it will cost to built it. The aim is to submit a planning application for this phase of works in 2016 to enable construction to start in 2017 and be completed 12 to 18 months later.