Snettisham and Hunstanton Coastal Scheme Begins

Environment Agency contractors started today work on annual maintenance of the shingle embankment and beach which helps protect people and 2,935 properties from tidal flooding between Snettisham and Hunstanton.

The work is expected to take 3 weeks.

The embankment is a ‘soft’ sea defense, which requires annual maintenance to repair any damage or loss of material sustained over the winter period.

Ryan Ely, Environment Agency Flood and Coastal Risk Advisor, said: “We will be moving around 5,000 cubic meters of sand and shingle from the Snettisham Scalp to reinforce the defenses between Snettisham and Hunstanton South. This process is known as beach recycling and is the most sustainable way to protect the coast in this location.

“The work is being carried out before the start of the bird breeding season and will be completed before the start of the main tourist season. The cost of the project is likely to be around £150,000.”

The project is carried out in consultation with Natural England and the RSPB due to the environmental importance of this coastline. The Environment Agency carries out ecological monitoring to ensure there is no long term detrimental effect on the ecology of the area.

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