EPA: Site Management and Monitoring Plans Released

EPA has released updated “Site Management and Monitoring Plans” for the Central and Western Long Island Sound Dredged Material Disposal Sites for public review and comment.

These plans, required for all EPA-designated disposal sites, guide monitoring and management of the two sites to ensure disposal is not causing any adverse impacts to the marine environment.

EPA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers share responsibility for the monitoring and management of the disposal sites.

The Central and Western sites are in Connecticut waters and were designated on June 3, 2005, which is when the original monitoring and management plans went into effect.

The Marine Protection, Research and Sanctuaries Act, the federal law that authorizes EPA to designate dredged material disposal sites for long-term use, also requires that all sites have site monitoring and management plans, and that they are reviewed and updated as necessary every ten years.

EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers began the review last year and have now completed updates to the two plans.

The revised plans identify a number of actions, provisions and practices to manage dredged material disposal to minimize adverse impacts to the marine environment and human health.

EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers have reviewed the plans annually and have found that the intent of the original procedures and protocols continue to meet the management objectives of the Central and Western sites, and should continue to be followed. Accordingly, EPA is not recommending changes to the management or monitoring of the sites at this time.

The revised Site Management and Monitoring Plans are available for public review and comment through April 6, 2016.

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