Mariupol Seaport Receives Dredging Permit

Ukrainian Port Authority has just announced that on March 24th the Environment Ministry granted the Mariupol seaport an indefinite permit to dredge the waters and approach channel of the seaport throughout the period of the port’s operation.

The authority was able to obtain the indefinite permit because of the simplification of the procedures for obtaining permits for operational dredging, which was initiated by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Ministry of Environment and supported by the government resolution No. 574 of 30 July 2015.

Indefinite permits for operational dredging are issued if the technical specifications of a water body, as well as the technological solutions and the conditions for performance of the work, remain unchanged.

Previously, the Ukrainian Port Authority received such permits for work on the Danube-Black Sea deep-water shipping canal, the Bugsko-Dniprovsko-Limansky canal, and the Odesa, Berdiansk, and Yuzhny seaports.