New Waterking Delivered to Dutch Customer

A. Tuytel, a contracting services and rental company, purchased a Waterking amphibious excavator recently.

The WK 100 NG-AW is equipped with an adjustable undercarriage and a Yanmar SV100-2A upper structure with long reach.

To operate stable in deep water, this piece of equipment is fitted with additional pontoons equipped with hydraulic spud poles.

The machine is also equipped with a platform, demolition sorting grab function, replaced counterweight, automatic central grease system, GPS system and extra-large fuel tank.

Furthermore, the Yanmar has a special air conditioner system which keeps the pressure high in the cabin so that dust stays out.

The WK 100 NG-AW has been made in the company’s factory in the Netherlands. The undercarriage (pontoon) for the amphibious excavator is built on site Zuidbroek and the boom/arm is modified and extended in Boxmeer.

This machine will be used to improve levees at several locations in the Netherlands.

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