Bourne Scheme Includes Dredging and Beach Nourishment

Michael Leitzel, representing the town of Bourne Selectmen, is seeking a permit from the USACE, New England District, to conduct work in waters of the U.S. in conjunction with dredging and disposing of material as beach nourishment in Bourne, Mass.

The work is proposed in Little Bay Channel, Pocasset Harbor at Barlows Landing and the Pocasset River in Bourne.

The proposed work involves maintenance and improvement dredging with beach nourishment. The project will use a hydraulic cutterhead dredge, the Barnstable County Dredge, to perform the work.

The dredged material will be used as beach nourishment at Monument Beach, Mashnee Island Causeway Beach and Barlows Landing Beach.

Any dredged material found to be unsuitable for beach nourishment will be used as daily cover at the Bourne Landfill. Dredged material from Little Bay will be transported to the Pocasset River Dewatering site, dewatered, and used as beach nourishment on Monument Beach and Mashnee Island Causeway Beach.

Dredged material from Pocasset Harbor will be transported to the Barlows Landing Dewatering Area, dewatered and transported to Barlows Landing Beach for beach nourishment.

Material from the Pocasset River will be transported to the Pocasset River Dewatering Area, dewatered and then trucked to the Bourne Landfill where it will be used as daily cover.

Maintenance dredging totals are 34,020 cubic yards. Improvement dredging totals are 6,860 cubic yards. The combined total is 40,880 cubic yards.

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