Stanton Bank Stabilization Project on the Table

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District, is evaluating a Department of the Army (DA) permit application from James Arthaud for a bank stabilization project on the Missouri River near Stanton, North Dakota.

The project purpose, as stated by the applicant, is to place rip rap along the toe of the west bank of the Missouri River to prevent erosion and loss of usable farmland and protect the inlet for the irrigation system.

According to Mr. Arthaud application, the project will place geotextile fabric along the toe of the riverbank for approximately 4,363 linear feet.

Riprap is to be placed on the fabric from the riverbed up to two feet above the construction reference plane. The top of the riprap would be approximately two feet thick at the top and slope to the toe at a 1.5:1 slope. Approximately 19,634 cubic yards of material is proposed to be utilized.

The comment period for the project will end May 23, 2016.