Starcross and Cockwood Tidal Defense Scheme Update

The Environment Agency is continuing the work on Starcross and Cockwood defense scheme that will manage the risk of tidal flooding on the Exe Estuary.

The proposed scheme is estimated to reduce flood risk to over 600 residential and commercial properties. In addition to managing current flood risk, the scheme will also help to reduce the risk of future flooding resulting from climate change.

Currently, the EA is carrying out surveys and site investigations to review the quality and strength of the area’s current defenses.

In late 2015, the Environment Agency held a public exhibition at the playing fields pavilion in Starcross on the Exe Estuary, to promote and seek feedback and views on the proposed tidal defense scheme. This exhibition was attended by a wide range of people who have an interest in the proposed scheme.

At this stage, no decisions have been made regarding the options. These decisions will be made at the next stage, when the Environment Agency plans to identify a number of possible methods.

Further site investigations and discussions will help the Environment Agency to refine the options and to identify the most appropriate type of defenses needed at each location.

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