Nicaragua Canal Project Moves Toward Construction Phase

HKND Group – the company behind the Nicaragua Grand Canal project – has entered into an agreement with RODIO-Swissboring for a detailed physical Soil Investigation Program to be carried out for the Brito Access Channel and Brito Port area on the Pacific side.

Also, the company has signed another agreement, this time with CSA Global of Australia, for project management and geological reporting. This is a necessary pre-construction step for the Brito Access Channel and Brito Port.

The Soil Investigation Program to be carried out by RODIO-Swissboring, a Nicaraguan registered drilling company, covers the Brito Access Channel and the port area, from the canal’s pacific entrance reaching 4.5km inland and is planned to comprise approximately 2,280m of HQ core drilling with holes ranging in depth from 30-50m.

The core samples will be analyzed independently by several different laboratories, and the data gathered will be used by CSA Global to create a material model map for design, engineering and construction of the future Brito Access Channel and the port.

At the signing, Chief Project Advisor of HKND Group, Bill Wild said that the Soil Investigation Program is necessary to identify in more detail the geology, geotechnical features, hazards and material properties along the canal corridor.

Finally, the information taken together will assist HKND Group in the optimization and design of the project, geotechnical risk assessment terms and will improve the accuracy of the cost estimate as well as works schedule.