Royal IHC Enhancing Systems for TSHD Magdalen

Marine dredging and constructing contractor, Weeks Marine Inc., has ordered from Royal IHC a dynamic positioning and tracking (DP/DT) system and eco pump controllers for the trailing suction hopper dredger Magdalen.

“The two efficiency enhancing systems, provided by our North American subsidiary IHC America Inc, will considerably optimize the Magdalen’s dredging performance, enhance fuel savings and reduce emissions,” IHC said in its announcement.

Initially, Weeks ordered the design and engineering for this new 6,540 m³ TSHD and the supply of key components, such as the principal electrical and dredging systems.

The 111 meter long vessel is under construction at the Eastern Shipbuilding Group in Panama City, Florida, and will be delivered in 2017.


IHC’s DP/DT system is the benchmark for TSHDs and has already been delivered to nearly 40 vessels.

It provides more than the common vessel and environmental models and additionally processes the ‘third unknown’ – the varying forces generated by dredging and the interaction with the sea floor.

This results in the capability to accurately maintain (and shift) the dredging track, course and speed.


IHC’s Eco Pump Control Package governs the vessel’s dredge pumps.

This allows them to continuously operate at the most efficient speed, without operator interaction.

The system’s artificial intelligence effectively optimizes suction and discharge operations.

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