Fountain Lake Dredging Project on the Way

Shell Rock River Watershed District officials said that they are drawing closer to dredging Fountain Lake.

“We’re moving full steam ahead,” said Administrator Brett Behnke.

Director of Field Operations Andy Henschel said that the Watershed District recently closed on a purchase agreement with Richard Stadheim for 101 acres last month and a purchase agreement was close to being closed with Larry Wangen for a little under 5 acres for the location of a confined disposal facility.

The properties are located adjacent to each other, north of Interstate 90 and 1 1/2 miles north of Fountain Lake.

The CDF will be used to manage sediments. A CDF is a dewatering site in the dredging process.

When dredging takes place, there will be a mixture of water and sediment pumped to the disposal facility and the CDF will be used to settle and siphon off the water. An embankment will go around the perimeter of the CDF. Engineering is expected to be completed on the CDF by the end of June.

Director of Field Operations Andy Henschel said that the district will then work to secure permits and bid for the dredging process.


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