USACE Dredger Currituck Arrives in Milford

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Milford CT City Hall photo
Milford CT City Hall photo

The USACE’s split hull-special purpose dredger Currituck has arrived in Milford and is scheduled to spend the next two weeks clearing the federal channel of navigational hazards, according to the Mayor Ben Blake.

During this period, the crew of the Currituck will remove the silting and shoaling along the federal channel by relocating approximately 14,000 cubic yards of material to a near shore site.

The dredging will be at no cost to the city and will help ensure that the state’s most popular recreational harbor remains safe to navigate.

Built by the Barbour Boat Works from North Carolina in 1974, the Currituck was converted to dredge in 1977 at the U.S. Army Engineer Yard, Eagle Island, North Carolina.

In addition to removing dredged material from the channel, the vessel can transport the material to the downdrift beach and deposit it in the surf zone to nourish sand-starved beaches.


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