Trelleborg Presents Pre-Bend Rubber Dredging Hose

Trelleborg’s engineered products operation is now manufacturing a pre-bend rubber dredging hose in China.

For the first time, Chinese dredging and mining operations will be able to take advantage of the superior wear resistance and flexibility that Trelleborg’s rubber dredging hoses provide, compared to their steel equivalents,” the company said in its announcement.

All of Trelleborg’s pre-bend rubber dredging hoses manufactured in China will be reinforced with armored rings. This design enhancement significantly strengthens the hose, extending use-life by up to five times compared to similar products, and is currently exclusive to Trelleborg’s Chinese manufacturing operation.

Eddy Chen, Head of Asia Infrastructure Sales for Trelleborg’s engineered products operations, said: “New extraction projects are emerging in China that require new types of hoses capable of withstanding more extreme working conditions. We have applied our pioneering engineering expertise to create a superior rubber dredging hose that is reinforced with armored rings to deliver a higher level of wear. Even when pumping highly abrasive media, this product guarantees a longer lifetime.”

The hose is based on an existing rubber dredging hose manufactured in Europe, but has been redesigned to incorporate armored rings and ceramic block that improve the hose’s longevity and reliability.

Capable of transporting tough materials such as caprock, coral or other edged materials, the pre-shaped rubber bend can be used in a range of suction and discharge applications in various diameters and radii, including dredging pumps for abrasive slurries and loading line gravel dredgers.