Council Votes to Proceed with Winnwood Dredging

The dredging scheme on Winnwood Ponds, the naturally occurring waterways located in the eastern section of Addison, TX, will take place in early August.

Since they were last dredged in 2000, a considerable amount of silt and sediment has built up in the ponds and now must be removed to restore the storage capacity.

This $1.6 million dredging/desilting project recently approved by Addison Council will not only improve the overall health and ecosystem of the pond, but also enhance the aesthetics.

The project was originally considered by the Council in 2015, but was rejected because only one bidder responded to the Town’s request for bids.

Because of this critical timing window, when only a single bid was received and then rejected, the project was placed on hold until this year.

The Town reposted the project in May and this time received multiple bidders.

The ­lowest responsible bidder, Shirley & Sons Construction Co., was selected at the June 28 Council Meeting.

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