Teus Vlot Dredging Continues as TV Dredging

Holland Shipyards Group has acquired Teus Vlot Dredging, member of the Teus Vlot Groep.

With this expansion, Holland Shipyards Group further increases its scope of products and services in the dredging sector.

“In order to remain a recognizable brand name, it has been decided to change the name of the organization from Teus Vlot Dredging into TV Dredging,” the company stated in the announcement.

The Teus Vlot Group will further focus its activities towards its core business: services, repairs, revision and sales of diesel engines, parts, electrical systems on board vessels and machining.

“Teus Vlot Dredging, over the years, has become a recognized name when it comes to the development, construction or repair of, amongst others, hopper dredgers, cutter dredgers and dredging- and pump installations,” the company said.

By merging its activities with the Holland Shipyards Group, TV Dredging will be able to expand on the scope of products and services that are currently being offered to the dredging sector.