The Garden Bridge Project Involves Dredging

A licence application to the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) for the construction of a new pedestrian bridge crossing the River Thames, has been approved.

The marine licence for The Garden Bridge, was granted after an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) consent decision was completed.

The EIA consent decision, which included public consultation on the proposed project, confirmed that potential impacts of The Garden Bridge project have been fully assessed and where negative impacts were predicted they have been minimized.

The marine licence ensures that any activity will be regulated under Part 4 (Chapter 1) Section 66 of the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 for the following aspects of the project:

  • construction of the new pedestrian bridge;
  • dredging around the bridge piers for installation of scour protection;
  • relocation of four moorings from the Crown River Cruises;
  • dredging for the new HQS Wellington berth area;
  • structures, such as moorings and pontoons, for the relocation of HQS Wellington.

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