Port of Wilmington Turning Basin Project Completed

As part of its ongoing infrastructure investment plan, North Carolina Ports has completed the expansion project of its turning basin at the Port of Wilmington.

The turning basin scheme included the removal of an existing bulk pier and dredging along the port’s side of the Cape Fear River to expand the turning basin from 1,200 feet to 1,400 feet.

The expansion allows the port to accommodate post-Panamax vessels with a length of 1,150 feet (350.52 meters) and a breadth of 158 feet (48.16 meters).

On August 7, 2016 the Yang-Ming Unity became the largest vessel to utilize the expanded turning basin and call the Port of Wilmington.

The Yang Ming Unity transited the new locks of the recently expanded Panama Canal on its way to the Port of Wilmington.

The vessel measures 1,101 feet in length and 140 feet in width.

Carrying around 8,200 TEUs, the Unity is the largest vessel to call on North Carolina’s Ports.

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