Bynoe Harbor Mapping Survey

A team of marine scientists have completed a marine mapping survey of the sea floor of Bynoe Harbor in the Northern Territory. 

The survey was conducted by scientists from Geoscience Australia, the Australian Institute of Marine Science, and the Northern Territory Government.

The survey mapped the depths and hardness for approximately 725km² of sea floor using Geoscience Australia’s high-resolution multibeam echosounder equipment, mounted on the Australian Institute of Marine Science research vessel RV Solander.

Information collected will support the development of habitat maps that describe the sea floor flora and fauna, and programs that monitor the health of these sea floor ecosystems.

The project will also improve the understanding of how currents are shifting sediments in Darwin and Bynoe Harbors, which will assist with the upkeep of major shipping channels in and out of the Port of Darwin and provide guidance for future deepening and infrastructure projects.