London Hosts Flood Risk Management Seminar

The Innovation in Flood Risk Management in the UK seminar will take place on October 4, in London.

The seminar, organized by CIRIA, will cover the benefits and approaches to innovation in flood risk management.

This includes innovations in engagement with communities and stakeholders, as well as the planning, design and maintenance of flood risk management infrastructure.


This event will:

  • Provide an overview of the flooding implications of the recent climate change risk assessment;
  • Discuss the role of innovation in flood risk management and approaches to securing better and more outcomes;
  • Highlight innovations in engagement, partnership working and integration of local government functions;
  • Present the approach and benefits of innovation in the engagement of communities and businesses around flood risk management and resilience.

The seminar should be of interest to those involved in the assessment, planning, design and maintenance of flood risk management infrastructure as well as those engaging with stakeholders and partners prior to and following a flooding event.

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