Jan De Nul Takes Part in Belgian ‘Company Discovery Day’

Jan De Nul Group will open two sites to the general public for this year’s edition of the Open Bedrijvendag – Company Discovery Day, a national initiative of one weekend during which private companies open their offices/sites to the public to explain their inner workings.

As usual, this countrywide open day will be taking place during the first weekend of October.

“On Sunday the 2nd of October, you are welcome to visit the largest dredging spoils processing plant in Europe: the AMORAS installation in Antwerp, or the 4Fonteinen and Kruitfabriek site by the canal in Vilvoorde,” Jan De Nul said in its announcement.

AMORAS, the largest treatment plant for maintenance dredging material in Europe, is an acronym that stands for Antwerp Mechanical Dewatering, Recycling and Application of Silt.

With this project the Flemish Government and the Antwerp Port Authority are investing in a sustainable solution for the treatment and storage of the maintenance dredged material from the Port of Antwerp.

4 Fonteinen is a large-scale brownfield and city renewal project in Vilvoorde, Belgium on a total surface of 130,000 m².