Draft EA for Langdon Levee Repairs Available

A draft environmental assessment for repairs to Missouri River levee unit L-550 near Langdon in Atchison County, Missouri is currently available for public review.

The draft EA evaluates the environmental impacts of repairing damage within a drainage ditch located between L-550 and Rock Creek caused by high precipitation events in 2015 and 2016.

Repairs are needed to prevent seepage of levee foundation material from L-550 into the drainage ditch.

The project proposes to reduce the threat of uncontrolled seepage by lowering outfalls from six existing relief wells and tying them in to a new 60-inch diameter reinforced concrete pipe that extends 300 feet within the drainage ditch.

Repairs will be completed under the USACE PL 84-99 Emergency Levee Rehabilitation Program.

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