Nicaragua Grand Canal on Display in Costa Rica

Pang Kwok Wai, Executive Vice President of HKND Group, and Telemaco Talavera, spokesperson of the Nicaragua Grand Canal Commission, participated in the XV Congress of Civil Engineering held in San Jose, Costa Rica earlier this month.

During the event, they made a presentation of the Canal Project to experts and representatives from companies and organizations in the civil engineering field from 18 countries from Latin American, and from US, Canada, Spain and Turkey, among others.

Telemaco Talavera highlighted that the Grand Canal Project is of great significance to Nicaragua, Central America and the whole world.

He said that this event offered an ideal opportunity for the international engineering community to learn about Nicaragua’s effort to promote the Canal Project and propel regional development, as well as the abundant business opportunities in this country.

On the other hand, Pang shared with those present the engineering and technical aspects, as well as the subcontracting and financing mechanisms of the Project.

HKND’s Executive Vice President emphasized the responsibilities shouldered and efforts made by HKND in terms of respecting human rights, preserving native Nicaraguan and indigenous culture, and protecting the environment.

The Canal Project calls for international engagement

Pang also highlighted that being one of the largest civil engineering works in the world, the Canal would need international engagement and participation.

“HKND is just a carrier of money and technology from all parts of the world to build the Grand Canal,” said Pang.

“We are aware that the Project will require the know-how and expertise of many countries and in that sense HKND welcomes companies to invest and people to take part in building the Canal and make history together.”

Experts, engineers and companies from countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica and Colombia expressed strong interest in the Project, HKND Group said in its statement.

The inauguration of the XV Congress of Civil Engineering was presided over by Luis Guillermo Solis, President of Costa Rica.