Contract Awarded for Projects in Harrison and Monona Counties

The USACE has awarded a construction contract to Western Contracting Corporation of Sioux City, Iowa, for Rock Structure Modifications at the Deer Island Top Width Widening Project in Harrison County, Iowa, and Middle Decatur Embankment Repair in Monona County, Iowa.

Work at Deer Island will include the lowering or shortening of approximately 19 existing rock structures between river miles 670.7 and 672.4 of the Missouri River.

Approximately 1,250 tons of rip rap will be placed along the north bank at Missouri River Mile 670.9.

Work at Middle Decatur Bend will include placement of approximately 5,200 cubic yards of sand, gravel and compacted impervious material at the existing Middle Decatur Bend Embankment near Missouri River Mile 687.

All construction work will take place beginning in late fall of 2016 with completion anticipated in late fall of 2017.