Dredging Work at Ukrainian Seaports in Full Swing

The scope of dredging work at the Ukrainian seaports, conducted from the beginning of 2016, exceeded 4 million m³, the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA) said in its latest announcement.

Dredging operations have been completed at the inner harbor of Mariupol Port and 505.000m³ of dredged material were removed.

Maintenance dredging in the approach channel to the Coal Harbor is in progress – the scope of this year’s dredging works at the port totaled 1.2 million m³.

As of October 2016, dredging operations in the approach channel and water area of Berdyansk seaport amounted to 418.000m³, USPA said.

From the beginning of this year, 239.000m³ of material have been dredged at Deep Water Fairway (DWF) Danube-Black Sea and 285.000m³ of material from the Bugsko-Dneprovskiy Lymansky Channel (BDLC) were also removed.

Maintenance dredging at the water area of Odessa seaport removed 72.000m³ and during the dredging works at Dnestrovsko-Limansky Channel of the Belgorod-Dnestrovsky seaport, the contractors removed around 780.000m³ of material.

Maintenance dredging has also been completed at Yuzhny seaport with the removal of 461.000m³.

Port Yuzhny is to see capital dredging in the nearest time, and the tenders are to be announced for operational dredging at Izmail and Odessa ports.