Government of Canada Invests in West Nova Harbors

Colin Fraser, Member of Parliament for West Nova, announced yesterday that the Government of Canada is investing $5.7 million this year in six small craft harbor improvement projects in West Nova.

Two of these harbors will see their investment extend into future years for an additional $1.2 million.

Small craft harbors play an important role in providing coastal communities and the commercial fishing industry with safe and accessible facilities.

With more than 76,000 Canadians employed in this sector, the Government of Canada is making investments that will continue to support the growth of this industry and provide economic opportunities for middle-class Canadians.

Investments being made at small craft harbors in western Nova Scotia include:

  • Camp Cove (Lower Argyle) – Replacing the deteriorated older floating wharves with new floating wharves.
  • Cape St. Mary’s – Completing a project to dredge existing basin, constructing a service area and installing new floating wharves.
  • Parker’s Cove – Installing armor stone protection on the west breakwater and repairing the outer end of the west and east breakwater.
  • Pinkney’s Point – Reconstructing the south breakwater.
  • Wedge Point (Wedgeport) – Constructing a new breakwater on the north side of the wharf, constructing a containment cell and dredging the basin.
  • Yarmouth Bar – Dredging the two basins.


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