Rossall Sea Defenses Works Update

The Wyre Council has just released the latest update for the Rossall sea defenses.

According to the update, construction continues apace along the full extent of the project with work being carried out on all major elements of the new defenses.

Precast concrete which makes up the bulk of the visible defenses continues on the beach access steps, stepped revetment, wave walls, rear flood walls and since the last update the northern tie-in rear flood walls and intermediate walls.

The northern tie-in walls are different to the standard rear walls as they have to allow for the new higher promenades to ramp down to meet the existing promenade. The intermediate wall comprises 2 small stepped precast blocks placed between the lower and upper promenade.

Work to date includes 245,000 tonnes of rock armor imported, 1740 meters of steel sheet piling installed (97% complete), 1400 meters of rock revetment and 13 rock groynes installed using 165,000 tonnes of rock armor and 90,000 tonnes of smaller underlayer rock (80% complete), 10 sets of beach access steps installed through revetment (66% complete), concrete foundations to an additional set of beach access steps placed, concrete placed to form 17 groyne crossover ramps (94% complete), 74% of precast concrete revetment units installed, 74% of precast concrete wave wall and rear flood walls installed, commenced structural fill to lower and upper promenades and partial demolition of the existing rear wall.

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