VIDEO: New Mud Cat Dredge for SouthBay Residential District

Ellicott Dredge Technologies (EDT) has announced the successful launch of a Mud Cat™ Multi-Function Dredge (MFD) at the SouthBay Residential Development in Bismarck, North Dakota.

The dredge will remove 20,000 cubic yards (15,290m³) of sand and clay from a private residential lake where developers are busy constructing high-end single family homes situated on 3 miles (5km) of shoreline.

Kevin Turnbow of Turnbow Construction and Home Building selected the Mud Cat MFD-1000 due to its ability to handle various materials including compacted clay and sand.

It is also self-propelled with a 24 in. (610mm) stainless steel steerable prop, so it does not require any anchor cables which would negatively impact the pristine shoreline.

The MFD-1000 is pumping the slurry 900 ft. (274m) with 24 ft. (7.3m) of static head through an 8 in. (203mm) discharge line to a man-made containment cell.

“The MFD-1000 has successfully demonstrated its durability and productivity in areas that have steep river banks and compact soils. Its self-launching capability, self-propulsion, and rugged design make it ideal for challenging projects,” said DuWayne Richert, Regional Sales Manager.

The MFD-1000 is ideal for lakes, canals, rivers, marinas and wetland restoration. It is one truck transportable and self-launching for easy deployment without a crane.

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