Eddy Pump Releases New Cutterhead Design for Excavator Attachment

Eddy Pump Corporation – a dredge equipment and pump manufacturer from El Cajon, California – has started shipping the company’s newly released cutterhead design.

The Excavator Dredge Pump Attachment has been outfitted with a new direct drive design and improved cutterhead.

This results in a clean design with fewer components and weight reduction. The teeth can be quickly replaced as needed.

This new cutterhead design for an excavator mounted dredge attachment now more closely mirrors mega barge dredgers. The teeth also have an improved system to replace dull or damaged teeth.

Applications: Hydraulic Barge Unloading, Mining Tailings Ponds, Slurry Ponds, Liner Safe Dredging (optional), Fly / Coal Ash Pumping and many more.