Boskalis VIDEO on Marker Wadden Project

In March 2016 Boskalis started work on Stage 1 of one of the largest nature restoration projects in Western Europe: the Marker Wadden in the Netherlands.

The Marker Wadden, to be developed in phases over the coming years, is aimed at restoring the ecosystem in the Markermeer/IJmeer to allow nature to flourish.

Phase one of the project includes the construction of an island with underwater landscaping. The EUR 33 million project will cover an area of 100km² with reed marshes, mud flats and shallow littoral zones.

The project will be based on the concept of ‘Building with nature’, maximizing the use of natural processes.

In the case of the Marker Wadden, the ‘Building with nature’ concept involves the dredging of a deep channel in which large amounts of sediment will accumulate due to natural flow patterns and gravity.

The trapped sediment will be used to build the islands.