CEDA’s Dredging Commission Gets to Work

The Central Dredging Association (CEDA) has added a new commission to its ranks: the Dredging Management Commission (DMC).

This commission was set up to provide for initiating and facilitating discussions, innovations and questions from the dredging community on the management of dredging works in the broadest sense.

Its aim is to bring together all stakeholders related to dredging management works, and be the discussion platform, the focal point of contact and the initiator of knowledge development.

The newly formed Commission had its inaugural meeting at the CEDA headquarters in Delft, the Netherlands, in September 2016. An enthusiastic group of international experts got together to further define the scope (mandate) and identify and agree on topics and their priorities.

Working in the constructive manner, the group agreed to start work on:

  • optimizing a dredging strategy for ports, waterways, coastal and flood protection;
  • contract management simplifications;
  • monitoring and promoting the development of the state of the art dredging technology for tomorrow.