Asia-Pacific Dredging Summit Starts Tomorrow

Asia-Pacific Dredging Summit will be taking place in Singapore on the 23rd and 24th November 2016. 

This event will present solutions from dredging experts with in-depth examination of indispensable dredging strategies for efficient project management and overall operational success.

Also, viable practices and techniques conducted by ports to help promote more efficient dredging operations will be discussed in detail.

With the current situation in the Asia Pacific region, the market is witnessing a shortage of both competence and advanced technology of modern dredging equipment and investments, as well as significant legislative issues.

This event will address these key problems as well as the techniques for cost effective disposal of dredged material that meet Asia-Pacific regulatory requirements and current and future maritime manpower demand and supply needs for dredging works.

Key topics include:

  • Understanding proper contractual set up to limit potential for disputes;
  • How soil improvement is used for dredging projects to prevent excessive settlement of reclaimed land to be used for construction purposes;
  • Aspects to consider in ensuring contracts are specific to the conditions of the operation;
  • Mitigating and eliminating environmental impacts through the immobilization of contaminants in dredged soil;
  • Assessing current and future maritime manpower demand and supply needs for dredging works;
  • Methods used in tackling harsh weather and working conditions to ensure successful and cost effective operations;
  • Highlighting the importance of investment in the education of specialized dredging engineers and operators.