DPC Innovation Awards for Jan De Nul Group

Jan De Nul Group has won two DPC Innovation Awards, one for Project Design in Open Water (trenching tools Sunfish and Moonfish) and another for Project Design in Inland Dredging (engineered sediments for flood control dyke construction).

The Award for Innovative Open Water Dredging Project went to the in-house engineering and construction of two trenching machines Sunfish and Moonfish for the Race Bank Project (UK).

Jan De Nul Group continuously invests in own techniques and tools to execute its projects.

Therefore, the Group has a specialist in-house Design and Engineering Department.

The Award for Innovative Inland Dredging Project Design went to the use of engineered sediments for the construction of a flood control dyke in Vlassenbroek (Belgium).

Jan De Nul Group constructed two flood control dykes of 800m each using dredged sediments to protect the community of Vlassenbroek against flooding of the river.

The dyke forms part of the broader Sigma Plan, a Flemish flooding control program for the river Scheldt.

Envisan, the environmental subsidiary within the Jan De Nul Group, elaborated an innovative technique to construct the dike core with engineered sediments.

This technique was geotechnically analysed and modeled in detail.