Port of Gdansk, European Commission Ink Grant Agreements

A ceremonial handover of the agreements concluded between the Port of Gdansk Authority SA and the European Commission took place at the seat of the Ministry of Development in Warsaw last week.

The agreements concern the award of an EU grant from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) for three projects – two investment projects and one design project.

Their total value will amount to more than EUR 140 million, including EU funding at a level of EUR 118.7 million.

The three projects in question include:

  • expansion and modernization of the road and railway network in the Outer Port;
  • expansion and modernization of core network hubs, in terms of road and railway infrastructure on the right bank of the Inner Port (the Gorniczy Basin and Przemyslowe Quay area) – project and environmental documentation;
  • modernization of the fairway, quay expansion and improvement of the conditions for navigation in the Inner Port in Gdansk.

The largest project, in terms of execution and costs, will be the modernization of the fairway and the expansion of the quays, an undertaking that will contribute to the improvement of the conditions and safety of navigation in the Inner Port.

The total cost of the project (stage I) comes to more than EUR 110 million, out of which 85% (EUR 93.7 million) will be co-financed from the CEF.

The investment will be divided into 5 tasks:

  • Task 1. Expansion of the Inner Port fairway;
  • Task 2. Expansion of the Obroncow Poczty Polskiej Quay and the Mew Quay;
  • Task 3. Expansion of the Oliwskie Quay;
  • Task 4. Expansion of the Zbozowe Quay and the Wisloujscie Quay;
  • Task 5. Expansion of the Dworzec Drzewny Quay.

The first one will mostly involve dredging, leading to the regulation of the fairway.

As a result, the undertaking is intended to improve the fairway’s technical parameters and increase its width to 90 meters and its depth to 12 meters over the section from the entry breakwater heads to the Chemikow Quay and to 75 m and 10.8 m respectively at the Przemyslowe Quay.

The estimated total cubic capacity for the fairway regulation work is about 1.5 million cubic meters.

The work will include removal of the dredged material causing shallowings relative to the adopted profile of the fairway bed and shaping escarpments to form a passage from the depths planned for the modernized fairway to the depths at the quays which will not be expanded as part of the project.