Solana Beach Sand Replenishment Bill Passes U.S. House

The House of Representatives recently approved comprehensive water resources infrastructure legislation that addresses the needs of America’s harbors, locks, dams, flood protection and other water resources infrastructure.

The House passed the Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation (WIIN) Act on a bipartisan basis by a vote of 360 to 61.

Commenting this, Congressman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) said: “Erosion of the beaches and bluffs in our area have presented significant safety concerns we can correct through the careful work of the Army Corps of Engineers and our local and federal leaders.”  

“In addition, the WIIN Act makes crucial investments in our nation’s water infrastructure and prioritizes drought relief for California. We still have much work to do on California’s water problems, but this bill presents good solutions that will help ensure the longevity of our water infrastructure and help fix erosion issues that have plagued our coastal communities.”

Earlier this month, Congressman Issa met with Solana Beach Mayor David Zito in his Washington, D.C. offices to discuss the WIIN Act and the importance of the Army Corps’ sand replenishment efforts to the safety and economy of the district.

The Water Infrastructure Improvements Act for the Nation Act is bipartisan legislation that helps address the needs of the America’s harbors, locks, dams, flood protection and other water resources.

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