IADC: Spotlight on FIDIC Blue Book

In 1999, Federation Internationale des Ingenieurs-Conseils (FIDIC) or the International Federation of Consulting Engineers published new standard forms of contract, but those contracts did not meet the specific needs of dredging and reclamation work.

The International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC) contacted FIDIC about the possibility of a separate FIDIC dredging contract, and a Task Group was formed which produced the FIDIC Form of Contract for Dredging and Reclamation Works published in 2006.

The article, just published by IADC, analyses the second edition of the FIDIC Form of Contract for Dredging and Reclamation Works, commonly referred to as the FIDIC Blue Book.

The new edition updates the first edition to better reflect actual practice and to increase usage of the book.

To achieve this, the second edition’s “General Conditions of Contract” are more specific to the needs of the marine construction industry and the book provides more specialized guidance notes to help employers, IADC said.