Four New Contracts for Dragflow

Business & Finance

Dragflow, an Italian manufacturer of heavy duty pumps and complete dredging equipment, recently received four orders for custom-made dredgers.

Under the first contract, five dredgers, model DRH300E23, will be delivered for sand and gravel extraction in Middle East.

The dredgers are equipped with a Dragflow hydraulic pump model HY300 and a CAT C13 engine. They will operate at 40m depth for sand extraction. The material will be delivered at 1km distance, with a 350mm hose.

The second contract was signed with a company involved in processing aggregates for concrete, cement and asphalt production.

They selected a Dragflow remote controlled dredger, model DRP120, equipped with a Dragflow electric pump EL1204, with 2 electric excavators EXEL20, to dredge a settlement pond.

A Brazilian mining company ordered a Dragflow dredger DRH85/160E22 for an iron mine work.

The iron ore, mixed with water, is pumped from the mine to the shore for more than 500km through a “Mineral Duct” (mineral duct pipeline).

Finally, Dragflow just delivered two remote controlled dredgers, model DRP60, to a mining company in Morocco.

The dredgers have a capacity of 400m³/h as well as a water jets system to help break the settled material and increase the overall efficiency of the project.

The dredgers will be used on two tailing dams to pump processed phosphate ore back the plant for reprocessing.