IADC Releases Facts About Adaptive Management

Business & Finance

The International Association of Dredging Contractors (IADC) has released a new ‘Facts About’ publication on Adaptive Management.

‘Facts About’ is a series of concise, easy-to-read leaflets which give an effective overview of essential facts about specific dredging and maritime construction subjects.

Each leaflet provides a kind of ‘management summary’ for stakeholders who need a quick understanding of a particular issue.

Adaptive management is a decision-making framework that can be applied at different stages of a dredging project.

Contractors can utilize adaptive management to adapt their operational strategies within different phases of a project, to record the effects of their works and to predict the impacts on the ecosystem and its services. Doing so, both contractor and client or project owner can cater for uncertainties in their decision-making during the project.

The latest Facts About: Adaptive Management gives an overview of this decision-making framework, how it works and how contractors can apply it for their dredging project.