Murray Mouth Dredging Operations Resume

Dredging at the Murray Mouth has resumed following maintenance works on the one remaining dredge, reported the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR).

DEWNR Water Resource Operations Manager, Jarrod Eaton, said that the dredging is important to maintain connectivity and the exchange of water between the Coorong and the Southern Ocean to maintain healthy ecosystems in the Coorong.

Recent high flows helped to improve connectivity between the Goolwa and Tauwitchere channels and the ocean. But the high flows did not scour enough sand at the Murray Mouth compared to the longer period of high flows in 2010-11, which enabled dredging to stop until January 2015,” said Eaton.

Now that the high flows have passed through the river system, releases over the barrages are being reduced. Dredging has again resumed to ensure the Murray Mouth remains open – with only one dredge required at this stage,” added Eaton.

Murray Mouth dredging started in January 2015 when river flows were not sufficient to keep the Mouth open. In late October 2016, the increasing River Murray unregulated flow improved conditions at the Mouth and one of the two dredges was decommissioned.

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