Lake Newport Dredging Project Underway

Lake Newport dredging project started in mid- January with the deployment of equipment and closing of specific areas surrounding the lake, reports Reston Association.

The association is working with Lake Services, Inc. to dredge the accumulated sediment from the main coves of Lake Newport.

During the works, approximately 5,000 cubic yards of material will be removed from the lake. Sediment removed from the lake will be placed in trucks which will haul the dredge spoils to the disposal site in Chantilly.

According to the announcement, Reston Association anticipates completion of the project and reopening of the site by early March.

Routine dredging is part of RA’s lakes maintenance program, which helps to extend the life of the lakes. As lakes age, they eventually fill in through sedimentation. Sedimentation occurs as material from the surrounding watershed accumulate in the water. Those materials include soil from stream erosion, construction sites and unstable slopes, in addition to road sand, leaves and debris from trees, street gutters and storm sewers.