Lewisham and Catford Flood Alleviation Scheme Proposed

The Environment Agency is proposing a £17.7 million Lewisham and Catford flood alleviation scheme to help manage the risk of flooding to approximately 990 homes.

Flooding from the River Ravensbourne has been recorded in the Lewisham and Catford area since 1809.

The last major flood was in September 1968 where heavy rainfall caused the river to overtopped the banks, flooding several hundred homes and businesses. Less severe river flooding has also been recorded, including in 1977, 1992 and 1993.

According to EA, by doing this project and continuing the Environment Agency’s regular maintenance program, a total of £270 million worth of flood damages could be avoided over the next 50 years.

Having completed an outline design and business case, the Environment Agency is now working on the detailed design.

They expect to start construction in 2018, with the scheme being operational by 2020. The detailed design stage will include:

  • further engagement with the community, land owners and user groups to seek views;
  • investigation works on site;
  • submitting a planning application in 2017.